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The Mercedes W124 and the Coupé 230 CE

mercedes mercedes coupé 230 CE mercedes w124

“Without any extravagance, the first E-Class unfolds a multifaceted, profound personality. The W124, here in coupé version with the typical “Sacco boards”, is the ultimate automobile. Paolo Tumminelli, in his standard work entitled “European Car Design”, judges Paolo Tumminelli as “the best-in-between – both inside and outside.”


Mercedes W124 E-Class


W124 is the internal designation for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class from 1984 to 1995/96 – and it is also the first generation, officially designated as E-Class.

These are the inner values ​​that characterize the W124. It is considered among many fans and connoisseurs as “last real Mercedes”. The processing quality is outstanding, motors and technology are extremely durable. Not only the six-cylinder, but also the four-cylinder as in the 230E, are considered indestructible with minimal maintenance. At a mileage of 200,000 kilometers, the units have only just been entered, running distances of more than half a million kilometers and more are not uncommon.

Bruno Sacco, then head of the Mercedes design, built a geometric definition of the shapes, especially with the trapezoid as a basic element in the composition of the line. This is recognisable on the dashboard, on the center console and in many other details on the bodywork, e.g. rear windows, wheel arches and side windows.

Compared to the given direction with the 190, the W124 was a step forward in simplifying the lines, with smooth and bevelled surfaces: the typical bonnet, the lateral line between the front and rear lights, the air outlets at the C-column as a narrow, smooth profile. You also have the characteristic trapezoidal tail lamps, which allow a trunk lid with a low loading edge which closes almost flush with the bumper.

In March 1987, Mercedes-Benz extended the range as the slender coupé debuted at the Geneva Motor Show.

There is a close relationship to the limousine, however, the bottom group of the coupé has a 8.5cm shorter wheelbase. This underscores the sporty character of the second-door driver and makes it a constructively and formally independent car body variant.

Despite the shorter wheelbase, the coupé for such a car is very spacious and can comfortably transport four adults on long journeys – even at high speeds.

The door, like one of a safe, closes quietly due to the generous insulation, as if you are in a luxury hotel. The interior of the dashboard and the center console is unpretentious, but warm and carved from solid. A new Mercedes no longer offers such an atmosphere.

Nothing clatters or creaks, with open side windows one hears the unrolling of the tires. There is no better suspension than that of the W124: taut and yet comfortable, without inclination to swing.

We can offer you such a car: A Mercedes 230CE Coupé from the first owner in the color Astralsilber-metallic. The interior in leather gray with zebrano-wood in the picket caucasian walnut. The original mileage is just over 5,000! The standard equipment includes the 5-speed gearbox, a servo steering with safety steering column, the famous belt anchor at the front seats, heat-insulating glass all around and the central locking system. There are ABS, electric windows, alloy wheels, Radio Becker Europe, a sliding roof and much more.

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